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Postgraduate Qualification Studies

Speech Therapy and Media Voice Emission MAJOR SPEECH THERAPY


Postgraduate Qualification Studies: Speech Therapy and Media Voice Emission practically prepare students for the profession of a speech therapist. Highly qualified staff of lecturers who are also practicing speech therapists help to gain knowledge and skills needed to conduct speech therapy sessions.


The studies are interdisciplinary. A speech therapist is a profession with a future. It allows students to constantly develop, it requires creativity and empathy, gives a lot of satisfaction from the fact of helping other people.


After completing the studies, the graduate will be qualified to work as a speech therapist teacher. The graduate will also possess knowledge and methodological skills related to speech therapy, including preventive actions taken in the case of speech disorders.


The curriculum demonstrates the studies’ interdisciplinarity. It includes speech therapy, linguistics, medical, pedagogical and psychological modules. Additionally, the curriculum includes elements of special needs education, including inclusive education, which will enable the graduates to undertake postgraduate studies in other areas of special education with a significantly narrowed curriculum in the future.


The teaching staff includes outstanding Polish researchers, academic teachers, speech therapists, medical doctors and therapists.


Number of semesters: 4
Number of hours: 1116

Organisation of classes:
Classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays in the building of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Silesia and in specialised institutions (some practical classes are conducted in the afternoon on weekdays). It is assumed that classes will be carried out on site or in a hybrid form. However, it is possible to launch and conduct studies online, if required by the epidemic situation in the country.

Graduation criteria:
In order to complete the studies, students are required to prepare a diploma thesis consisting of a theoretical and a practical part, which confirms the substantive and methodological preparation of the student for the profession. Students present their work in front of the committee during the exam.

Graduation document:
Postgraduate diploma issued by the University of Silesia in Katowice.


The studies are addressed to graduates of MA studies who want to acquire qualifications of a speech therapist teacher. The studies are interdisciplinary. The offer is addressed primarily to teachers, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses and philologists. The current structure of the studies allows people with education in other fields of study that are not related to pedagogy to acquire pedagogical qualifications (as the postgraduate studies provide pedagogical qualifications).

Admission process:
Apply online
Electronic admission process in Online Application System (IRK) on the dates specified in Online Application System (IRK). Choose and proceed according to the instructions.

Admission criteria:
Candidates are admitted to studies according to the registration order and the result of the admission procedure.

Planned date of beginning of classes: October/February


After being admitted to postgraduate studies, you may start your studies, subject to paying the fee for postgraduate studies. Payments should be made to the student’s individual account, within the deadlines specified in the agreement.


Head of Postgraduate Studies
Jarosław Pacuła, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor

Secretary Office
Ewa Marek

Faculty of Humanities
40-007 Katowice
ul. Uniwersytecka 4
Tel. 32 200 94 36
Mobile phone no. 516 900 823