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Postgraduate Qualification Studies

Historical Studies


The goal of the studies is to obtain the qualifications necessary to teach history as well as history and society in all types of schools, and to acquire knowledge about the most important events characterising individual epochs of general history, key issues in the history of Poland, as well as regional history.


The studies deepen the knowledge of history from ancient times to the present day. Highly qualified staff of research employees of the University of Silesia guarantees a high substantive level of teaching and access to the latest historical research results.


After completing the studies, the graduate:

  • has the knowledge about the most important events characterising individual epochs of general history, key issues in the history of Poland, as well as regional history.
  • is formally qualified to teach history in all types of primary and secondary schools
  • is acquainted with the basic terminology used in historical sciences
  • is able to analyse source texts and on their basis create logically justified cause-effect sequences.


During the studies, students are introduced to a full history lecture covering the topics from ancient times to the present day as well as basic information on didactics of history and the methods used by historians. The selection of lecturers guarantees a high level of substantive classes, the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest results of historical research and didactic news. This allows teachers of subjects other than history to acquire the knowledge necessary to teach the subject, and to obtain formal qualifications to teach history in schools of all types and levels.


Classes are implemented by research and teaching employees of the Institute of History of the University of Silesia. The teaching staff consists of experienced educators.


Number of semesters: 3
Number of hours: 490 hours

Organisation of classes:
Classes take place once a week (Fridays) from 1 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Graduation criteria:
In order to complete postgraduate studies, a student must write a diploma thesis.

Graduation document:
Postgraduate diploma issued by the University of Silesia in Katowice.


The studies are addressed to people with pedagogical training background (including those not working at present), qualified to teach subjects other than history, and who want to be qualified to teach history in all types of schools. The primary benefit is obtaining qualifications to teach history.

Admission process:
Apply online
Electronic admission process in Online Application System (IRK) on the dates specified in Online Application System (IRK). Choose and proceed according to the instructions.

Admission criteria:
Candidates are admitted to studies according to the registration order and the result of the admission procedure (if it was conducted).

Planned date of beginning of classes: October/February


After being admitted to postgraduate studies, you may start your studies, subject to paying the fee for postgraduate studies. Payments should be made to the student’s individual account, within the deadlines specified in the agreement.


Head of Postgraduate Studies
Lech Krzyżanowski, PhD, DLitt
Tel. 32 359 15 36

Secretary Office
Lidia Żalińska

Faculty of Humanities
40-007 Katowice
ul. Bankowa 11
Tel. 32 359 13 14
32 359 21 28