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Postgraduate Qualification Studies:

Library and Scientific Information


The studies are addressed to people who wish to acquire the skills required to work in the library. The curriculum is consulted with the librarian community and includes the newest trends in the librarian profession.


The studies are addressed to people who wish to acquire professional qualifications to work in libraries and scientific information facilities. The studies put emphasis on practical skills used in the profession of a librarian and scientific information professional. The goal of the classes is to introduce practical skills used in modern libraries. The practice is supplemented by theoretical basis related to the collection, management and processing of documents and information of various types. The students will also develop professional communication skills used in contacts with the clients and users of the library or scientific information facilities. The studies do not provide pedagogical qualifications.


The graduate of postgraduate studies is prepared to work in libraries. The graduate has gained knowledge and skills to work with basic library processes, including collecting and management of collections, descriptive cataloguing, subject cataloguing and indexing, and library systems. The graduates is also qualified for educational and cultural work with the reader. Important skills are also those related to creating websites and professional preparation of promotional texts.


The curriculum includes: bibliography, library in the education and culture system, descriptive cataloguing, subject cataloguing and indexing, collection management, history of books and libraries, methodology of work of a teacher librarian, protection of library collections, library systems, webwriting.


The classes are conducted by the employees of the University of Silesia in Katowice – specialists in bibliology and information science, as well as librarians.


Number of semesters: 3
Number of hours: 375

Organisation of classes:
The classes take place twice a month (Saturdays-Sundays)

Graduation criteria:
In order to complete postgraduate studies, a student must obtain credits in all the courses implemented in accordance with the module plan.

Graduation document:
Postgraduate diploma issued by the University of Silesia in Katowice.


The studies are addressed to people who want to work in the library. The set of modules implemented during the studies corresponds to the educational needs of a modern librarian and includes major and supplementary courses.

Admission process:
Apply online
Electronic admission process in Online Application System (IRK) on the dates specified in Online Application System (IRK). Choose and proceed according to the instructions.

Admission criteria:
Candidates are admitted to studies according to the registration order and the result of the admission procedure (if it was conducted).

Planned date of beginning of classes: October/February


After being admitted to postgraduate studies, you may start your studies, subject to paying the fee for postgraduate studies. Payments should be made to the student’s individual account, within the deadlines specified in the agreement.


Head of Postgraduate Studies
Agnieszka Łakomy-Chłosta, PhD
Tel. 32 200 93 17

Secretary Office
Tadeusz Maciąg
Tel. 32 200 93 17; 322009501

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