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Postgraduate Qualification Studies

Pedagogical Therapy


The aim of the studies is to acquaint the students with selected theoretical issues of special needs education, especially correctional pedagogy (pedagogical therapy). The aim of the classes provided for in the curriculum is to enable students to broaden their knowledge of the diagnosis and therapy of special educational needs related to specific and non-specific learning difficulties, as well as the methods used by pedagogical therapists.


In recent years, there has been a visible increase in the demand for specialist classes in the field of pedagogical therapy and for teachers who are qualified to conduct them. Meeting this demand, the University of Silesia gives university graduates with pedagogical preparation an opportunity to gain qualifications in this field. The curriculum includes lectures, practicals, field classes (internship with tutoring and holiday internship) allowing to learn the legal, theoretical and methodological foundations of planning, conducting and evaluating therapeutic work with people with special educational needs. The curriculum meets the requirements set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 25th July, 2019 on the standard of education preparing for the teaching profession.


Graduates of the studies will obtain qualifications for pedagogical therapy of children and students with special educational needs in preschool and school classes, and to perform the role of pedagogical therapists in educational care facilities.


The three-semester studies include, among others, classes in the field of special needs education, neuropediatric diagnostics, pedagogical therapy for people with sensor, motor and psychic disabilities, as well as people chronically ill, people with autism spectrum disorder and socially vulnerable people, work with gifted and eminent people, as well as music therapy, visual arts and sociotherapy in work with people with learning disabilities. The program is complemented by voice emission, special didactics, working with the family in crisis, hand therapy and therapy through movement classes.


Classes are conducted by a qualified staff of teaching employees of the University of Silesia, medical specialists and professional teachers.

  • Prof. Anna Nowak – Professor at the Institute of Pedagogy, Master of Law, specialist in the field of Polish legislation for people with disabilities; expert at the Office of the Ombudsman for Children; is engaged in, among others, legal situation of people with disabilities
  • Prof. Mirosława Knapik – research and teaching employee of the Institute of Pedagogy, choirmaster, promoter of music culture, conducts research on the multifaceted use of art in education and therapy
  • Prof. Katarzyna Krasoń – research and teaching employee of the Institute of Pedagogy, specialist in the field of art therapy; engaged in the issues of intersemiotic translation and spatial visualization
  • Mirosław Kisiel, PhD, DLitt – Assistant Professor at the Institute of Pedagogy, specialist in music education and music therapy; textbook expert and consultant in the field of music education of the Ministry of National Education
  • Irena Polewczyk, PhD, DLitt – Professor at the Institute of Pedagogy, theoretician and practitioner in the field of speech therapy; conducts research in the field of children’s speech and auditory perception
  • Bogumiła Bobik, PhD – Assistant Professor at the Institute of Pedagogy, certified teacher, school pedagogue in a complex of special education schools
  • Krzysztof Kotrys, MD, PhD – psychiatrist, Deputy Spokesman for Professional Liability of the Silesian Medical Chamber in Katowice since 2004
  • Anna Kurzeja, PhD – teaching employee of the Faculty of Social Sciences, specialist in animal-assisted therapy
  • Małgorzata Satoła, PhD, – teaching employee of the Faculty of Social Sciences, certified teacher, special educational needs educator with experience in working with people with visual and auditory disabilities and other special educational needs
  • Iwona Wendreńska, PhD, – head of postgraduate studies, teaching employee of the Faculty of Social Sciences, certified teacher, oligophrenopedagogue with over 20 years of experience in working with people with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and other special educational needs
  • Aleksandra Lamparska-Warchalska, MD – psychiatrist, paediatrician, Head of the Medical and Therapeutic Center “Syriusz” in Orzesze.


Number of semesters: 3
Number of hours: 630 hours (including internship)
Organisation of classes:
Classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays – two sessions per month on average.
Graduation criteria:
In order to complete postgraduate studies, a student must defend the diploma thesis.
Graduation document:
Postgraduate diploma issued by the University of Silesia in Katowice.


Candidates may be graduates of higher education (1st and 2nd cycle studies, long-cycle studies) with pedagogical preparation. Employment in an educational or educational care facility is not required.
Admission process:
Apply online
Electronic admission process in Online Application System (IRK) on the dates specified in Online Application System (IRK). Choose and proceed according to the instructions.

Admission criteria:

Candidates are admitted to studies according to the registration order and the result of the admission procedure (if it was conducted).

Planned date of beginning of classes: October/February


After being admitted to postgraduate studies, you may start your studies, subject to paying the fee for postgraduate studies. Payments should be made to the student’s individual account, within the deadlines specified in the agreement.



Head of Postgraduate Studies
Iwona Wendreńska, PhD
Tel. 32 359 97 26

Secretary Office
Marek Kolbiarz, MA
Tel. 32 359 98 94

Faculty of Social Sciences
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