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Postgraduate Studies

Theology and Catechesis


The goal of the studies is to prepare for the effective conduct of educational classes in the field of teaching religion in pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, except for special needs schools.


The studies are an interesting offer for teachers who, while working in primary and secondary schools, plan to acquire qualifications to teach religion as a part of their professional development. The studies are also an interesting offer for people interested in theology who, due to their personal circumstances, cannot take up five-year Master’s degree studies.


After completing the studies:

  • you will be able to methodically prepare and conduct religion classes in accordance with the principles given by the Catholic Church (Church documents, curricula, etc.)
  • you will know how to raise cognitive interest and support the intellectual and spiritual development of pre-school children by a skilful selection of teaching techniques, teaching aids and methods of improving children’s engagement.
  • you will be able to check and evaluate the students’ achievements (as well as your own practice) in accordance with the didactic guidelines.
  • you will be prepared to cooperate with children and educators, children’s families and social environment outside the school in the implementation of educational tasks in the field of catechesis
  • you will be prepared to manage your own professional and personal development as well as the improvement of your professional competencies.
    you will be qualified to teach religion in pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, except for special needs schools.


The curriculum includes, among others, moral theology, liturgy, Old and New Testaments, fundamental theology, spiritual theology, catechetical materials, and pre-school catechesis.


Classes are conducted by a highly qualified staff of specialists, scientists and practitioners engaged in theology.


Number of semesters: 4
Number of hours: 690 hours (600 hours of classes + 90 hours of internship)

Organisation of classes:
Classes take place on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., 14 sessions per semester.

Graduation criteria:
In order to complete postgraduate studies, a student must obtain credits in each module as well as pass the exams with positive grades.

Graduation document:
Postgraduate diploma issued by the University of Silesia in Katowice.


The studies are addressed to people who wish to acquire qualifications to teach religion in pre-schools, primary and secondary schools. In order to start the studies a student must be a graduate of Master’s degree studies with pedagogical preparation in a field of study other than theology, providing a diploma coinciding with the school subject.

Admission process:
Apply online
Electronic admission process in Online Application System (IRK) on the dates specified in Online Application System (IRK). Choose and proceed according to the instructions.

Admission criteria:
Candidates are admitted to studies according to the registration order and the result of the admission procedure.

Planned date of beginning of classes: October/February


After being admitted to postgraduate studies, you may start your studies, subject to paying the fee for postgraduate studies. Payments should be made to the student’s individual account, within the deadlines specified in the agreement.


Head of Postgraduate Studies
Rev. Roman Buchta, PhD, DSc
Tel. 519 318 961

Secretary Office
Ludmiła Lach-Bartlik
Tel. 32 35690 56 internal number 135

Faculty of Theology of the University of Silesia in Katowice
40-043 Katowice
ul. Jordana 18
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